• Master Adhesive Removal

    If you own a concrete floor grinder, sooner or later, the time will come when you’re asked to do an adhesive removal. How hard can it be to remove a little carpet glue or vinyl tile mastic? If your grinder weighs 1000 lbs and you think that a little adhesive would be no match for your machine, th... View Post
  • Maximize Your PCD Scraper Performance

    Achieving the best performance from your PCD scrapers is a result of two factors: PCD pressure and RPM. The pressure exerted on the PCD bits must be sufficient to penetrate through the material being removed. The RPM must allow the PCD bits to maintain good contact with the surface without creati... View Post
  • Concrete Grinding Tools 101

    Imagine for a moment that you’re sitting in the cockpit of a modern jet. You’re surrounded by buttons, dials, and controls whose function you don’t understand. Behind you, a plane full of passengers anxiously waits for you to safely transport them to their destination.  Now, trying to fly a jet ... View Post